Some Believe that Only People with More Years in A Company Must Get Promotions

Some believe that only people with more years in a company must get promotions. What is your opinion?

Going to the next level in a professional career is the dream of many people every time. Some people argue that promotions should give to only the people who have stayed in a company for a long time. I firmly agree with the statement as being loyal to the company from long back helps in the progression of both individual and company. In the forthcoming passages, I will be explaining my point of view.

Experience plays a vital role in managing uncertainties; when a person has more experience in one field than in the same company, it helps him/her understand all possible chances of issues and easily can lead the team with the best possible solutions from his or her past experience. For instance, a research team from Harvard University in 2015 revealed that a company that is selecting manager-level employees from the same company results from the best output compared to hiring new persons from other companies. So promoting the employees who are already working in the same company for a long time helps to deal with unexpected problems with ease.

Loyalty should be paid first when a person working in a company for a long time means he/her is the loyal person to that company, who wish the company progress and make more profit. Many people more often change to different companies because of the pay scale and working pressure. That kind of people will never worry about their company performance, and they face difficulties in leading a team. Thus, a more loyal person to his job can easily lead a team with his own passion and dedication.

In my opinion, every company should consider its employees who are being there in the company from long ago at the time of promotions, as they are the biggest asset to the company.

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