Some People Believe that Everyone Has a Right to Have Access to University

Some people believe that everyone has a right to have access to university education and that governments should make it free for all students no matter what financial background they have. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

In this concurrent world, it is true that education is the basic need of everyone; it has different modes depending on age groups as schooling, college and university education. It is vital for every person to get an education in a better way. Some people concur that study should not be free at the higher education level. But, I quibble with them and propound that education is a sea of knowledge, everyone having mode to get an education.

Adequate shreds of evidence are obtainable to substantiate the concept that talented students are not able to get study due to high fee charges. The top-notch concert reason is that education is the great source to modifying our personality, character and living style due to lack of money some students are not continuing their study. The rationale that haul me, Parton, is that a well-educated person is more accessible in society because he has the skill to earn in a better way but still need some experience, and the less educated student has no access to experience their good skills. The rearmost coherent factor to be considered and not be neglected is that poor people having small incomes do not educate their children in a better way. To uphold my notion, I would quote an instance that in Pakistan, about 37% of people are illiterate because of the high rate of experience of education which is the prima facie testimony. Thus, it is clear that education should provide occasions for all ages people have undeniable merits.

In general, the trend to distinguish that government should give relief to the poor families for education which has multifarious reasons. Some people deem that for the poor students, some scholarships should be organized to help them financially withal talented students that get high marks should get free higher studies.

In recapitulation, I retrain that there are innumerable strong factors that government should provide policies for free education based on the merit of education no matter the background. However, its contrary can be overlooked or controlled. Whereas I strongly agree with the given statement.

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