Weather & Accommodation IELTS Speaking Part 1 Questions With Answer


Weather & Accommodation IELTS Speaking Part 1 Questions With Answer. These are the IELTS Speaking part 1 Topics and Questions on general topics about your life. Your answers will be from your life and experience.

Weather & Accommodation IELTS Speaking Part 1 Questions With Answer

Question 1:- Do you live in a house or a flat?

Answer:- House is the living place where we spend a lot of time. Some people have their own houses, but some have houses or flats on rent. I live in a house which is our heritage house all my elders live there.

Question 2:- Is it a big place?

Answer:- My house is the main house of our family. My grandfather also lives there. It is a big house with many rooms. In my house, three families are lived together.

Question 3:- How long have you lived there?

Answer:- I lived with my family. We lived in this house from the separation time of India and Pakistan. This house was given by Quaid-e-Azam to my grandfather.

Question 4:- What do you like about living there?

Answer:- When my grandfather migrated from India, he was shifted to this house. This house has many old and golden memories. It is a great place for my family, including me.

Question 5:- Is there a garden in the place you live in?

Answer:- I am ambitious about gardening. I have a small lawn on the right side of my house. I grow my plants of flowers and fruits. I like most the rose plant, which spreads its fragrance all around.

Question 6:- Do you prefer hot weather or cold?

Answer:- Winter is my favourite season. I like the cool breeze with fogy around. My favourite time of winter season is a mug of coffee with my sibling in the cool open air.

Question 7:- Tell me about the weather in your country at different times of the year?

Answer:- I live in Pakistan, there all seasons are enjoyed. In summer, it is sunny; in winter, it is cool, foggy and chills yet. Autumn and spring spread their full bloom.

Question 8:- Which time of the year did you enjoy the most when you were a child?

Answer:- All-weather has its enjoyment, but I like most rainy weather. I take a bath in the rain and make a paper ship to sail in the water. In the rain have fun and enjoyment with family after rain makes some traditional foods to eat.

Question 9:- Do you (usually) pay attention to the weather forecasts?

Answer:- Well, the weather forecast tells that the upcoming weather changes may be normal or drastic. I am very weather conscious. I daily check the weather forecast and make a plan according to it.

Question 10:- Has the weather changed much in your country in recent years?

Answer:- Weather changes from year to year due to pollution and movement of Earth. But, in Pakistan, weather changes are more drastic. The weather is so harsh in winter it is too cold, and in summer it is also too hot.

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