Some People Prefer One-On-One Lessons, While Others Like Groups (1)

Some People Prefer One-On-One Lessons, While Others Like Groups

Some people prefer one-on-one lessons, while others like groups. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

People have different preferences regarding the kind of classes they would like to attend some people off for one to one whereas others choose group sessions in this essay will discuss both views and share my view.

On the one hand, individual FIFA one to one sessions for the progress of individual boosts the performance of the student. In one session, the full concentration of the teacher is observed by a single student, so the class becomes interactive with the teacher-student, and the student gets full confidence to ask as many questions as he wants to clear the doubt in his mind. Personal tutors are assigned to design the course up to the level of the student so that ultimately the student has to develop at the end of the session.

On the other hand, It is understandable why in some preferred group classes, it is widely acknowledged that the cost of one to one tutoring is very high in comparison to the group, so all cannot be offered it every time. In group classes, the concentration of feature is distributed to also in the lead to give the concentration of the teacher the student has to outperform in a way to get teacher concentration towards him. Some students do it in a positive way and get ways to develop themselves. These are the good students in the group studies, and some do mischief to distract others from their studies. In the group study, there is an undeclared war set up in every child mind to beat other students and Secure first position. This helps, and development of a competitive mind, and most parents want their children and to develop this mindset so as to survive in this competitive world.

In my view both of these two kinds of schooling have their own advantages and learner should make their option based on their own situation that their following others blindly as for me group study is more preferable when the budget comes into play.

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