Some People Say that Schools Do Not Make Enough Efforts to Teach Young People to Look After

Some people say that schools do not make enough efforts to teach young people to look after their health and they add that schools should take health education more seriously. Do you agree or disagree?

Health education for young students is an imperative part, which educational institutes have to take seriously argued by few individuals. I completely agree with the statement as it is important for their physical and mental development.

To commence with, Majority of time youngster spend in their school, as well as what they learn, that make affection to their life as well. To explicate it, If they learn about health education from school, not only they become fit physically but also by doing exercise that makes them mentally strong. For example, a headline of ‘the new York time’ reveals that schools that teach health education to their pupils, that institutes explore and boost their students potential, which help them in future and increase their memory power. Hence, teaching health education helps young individuals to find their physical and mental power.

Furthermore, teenagers opine that sedentary life is better as it gives them comfort, despite that, this lifestyle cause health problems such as obesity and overweight. Although studies are indispensable for children, health education gives them overall growth; also, by starting sports events in schools, students can show their fitness and strength. For example, undergraduates who have a physical ability to compete in state or international level of sports, many studies find that they encourage by their schools as it gives them emotional power to play sports with other participants and patriotic feelings to play it for the nation. Consequently, health education may give benefits to students in many ways for their future as well.

To recapitulate it, health education taught by educational academies help in the overall development of young individuals as well as give them the opportunity to find their best, also by participating in sport occasions children maybe find their potential and in future will play on an international level.

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