Some People Think Movies Should only Be for Entertainment

Some people think movies should only be for entertainment. Others think that they should also have educational values. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

The most popular entertaining programme is cinema forever, in that some people are opening that movies are only for fun and some others think that it must be informative as well. I agree that movies should provide some information and awareness about the world. This essay will discuss the advantages of movies when it comes to both entertainment and information.

On the one hand, movies are good entertaining measures for a human being to release stress and anxiety. Many folks are dependent on cinemas to control their pressure from work-related as well as family-related issues. The majority of people are watching movies to forget their past and sadness—some of them watching for timepass. The movies are different types, in that some of them are fun-oriented, family movies, action thrillers and romantic movies. According to the people wish they choose a different kind of movies. After watching the movies, most people get stress-free life. This is the main reason the film industry always stays stronger because both rich and poor people prefer to watch the movies.

On the other hand, there are many movies that are widely available with educational factors. These kinds of movies would encourage the youngsters to achieve their goals as well as to fulfil their wishes. Some children are not interested in a study from the book. However, they would be interested in watching the cinema. In this case, if people can create movies with academic subjects or to improve the knowledge for the kids, it would greatly help the scholars. For instance, there is an application available in both Andriod and Apple phones which is the Bayjus app. This app tremendously helps the children to gain knowledge from their curriculum without the hassle of studying.

To conclude, every entertainment programme does have some informative values.I completely agree that movies can provide informative educational values for students as well as the normal people.

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