Some People Think that Cooking Is an Important Skill for Young People to Learn

Some people think that cooking is an important skill for young people to learn. Others believe that it is better for people to learn how to cook after they become adults. Discuss both these views and give your own opinion.

Albeit, few individuals assume that cooking is an indispensable skill for young stars. By contrast, others presume that learning cooking is beneficial, while they become grow up.

Cutting age, in a family father, is busy with his job. uOn the other hand, the mother is also busy with her work. For this reason, both are unable to contribute to cooking food. But, in ancient times, father was doing job and mother was cooking in the kitchen. But nowadays, it is impossible. Because of, parents are involved in acquiring money. In some territories, the managed home worker is adamant. In this case, teenagers should learn to cook. While there is no person at home, then they have to cook. On the other hand, they have to take breakfast, lunch or dinner in a hotel or restaurant. But it has a difficulty.

Because of this, some hotels or restaurants do not maintain hygenic and balanced diets. Therefore, it will be noxious for their health. By contrast, others believe that cooking skill is not helpful to young people. They should invest their time to develop their career, and they will provide time how to cook while they become adults. According to my point of view, I think that everyone should learn how to cook. It would assist them in cooking while they will live alone in a home. In a pandemic situation, people are too isolated. Therefore, learning cooking will aid them to manage their food problem.

To recapitulate, learning to cook is integral for every person when they will stay isolated, then it would help them to manage a balanced food.

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