Some People Think that Public Health Within a Country Can Be Improved by Government

Some People think that public health within a country can be Improved by Government making laws regarding Nutritious Food. Others, however, think that health is a matter of personal choice and responsibility. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

Health simply means a state of being free from diseases, whether physically, psychologically, socially or spiritually. Therefore, public health is well being of the whole community, that is, all individuals. There is a different perspective of who is responsible for the improvement of public health, and some people see it as the obligation of the government, while some think the individual is responsible for their own health. In my own opinion, the burden of public health should not be on the government alone.

Government has a role to play in promoting public health, but this work should not be totally left to them. They can help batten community health, bypassing legislation regarding environmental management such as proper management of industrial waste by industries to prevent both air and land pollution, which can be hazardous to the health of the community, Food and water hygiene, Food safety, among others. They can also provide safe water for drinking by building boreholes and ensuring potable water is distributed to the community by the water corporation, making adequate provision for waste disposal to make the country clean. All these will promote public health but will not be effective if the community do not put their own contributions.

Health promotion requires individual efforts majorly, and the individual is the smallest unit of a community, so whatever an individual’s decision is or whatever effort he/she makes will surely affect the community. A person can either be healthy or Ill through the choice he/ she made. For example, if government choose to provide waste bins for appropriate refuse disposal and all community members make use of the bin instead of littering the surroundings with dirt, this means they have made a healthy choice which will surely have a positive effect on the community, but if they do otherwise, illness is not far from them through their choices.

In conclusion, good public health is the responsibility of both the community and government, which can be achieved by collaboration between the two parties.

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