Some Think that Governments Should Support Retired People Financially While Others Believe

Some think that governments should support retired people financially while others believe they should take care of themselves. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

Many today have come to the conclusion that the authorities ought to provide a certain amount of money after retirement to their elderly citizens, while others think that they have depended on themselves. I believe that financially backup is crucial after retirement, and I will discuss both sides in this essay and then give my opinion.

To begin with, after the age of 55 to 60 maximum People retired from their jobs. Furthermore, they fully depend on their children as well as on themselves; however, some retired people are without family, due to this reason, many seniors are going into dire condition. Moreover, many individuals after retirement may be victims of economic downturn; hence, dear fall on the mercy of society. As a result, old aged retired persons will wind as soap chicken, and seeking out chronic charity or even begging. In this situation, only government is the last Refugee to all their old age retired citizens.

Despite the real instance mentioned above, higher authorities out to encourage their people to save some amount of money for their future plan. Even if the government may not provide financial benefit after retirement, then they will invest that in another business and earn some money from their own work. Since, in many nations, the number of seniors raising day by day, due to this reason, authorities should address the problem to provide financial help to their elders. Although the government has implemented a new rule to increase the age of retirement, this kind of support may have become completely unsustainable.

In conclusion, although people need to invest for their future, higher authorities should support money backup for those who are giving their endeavour to the community for years, and government should care about their social security.

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