Describe A Small Business That You Would Like To Open.

Describe A Small Business That You Would Like To Open.

You should say:
what it is
why you want to start it
how you would do this
and explain why you would choose this kind of business to start.


Many businesses are in the list of successful ones because of the management, staff, and services they have. It’s very difficult to set up a successful business in the competitive world but everyone works hard to take their organization to another level. So, here I would like to talk about a business that I would love to set up in the distant future, not immediately.

What it is?

I and my friends had an idea some time back for beginning a new business as we both are health conscious therefore we always take care of what we eat. So, after taking health into consideration, we both are looking forward to opening a restaurant to offer people with fresh and hygienic food. So we learned that there are companies which prepare very healthy meals – a big range of them – and deliver them to your home. The meals are pre-packed and frozen so you can just place them in your freezer and use them whenever you want.

Why do you want to start it?

Well, it’s not a new idea. There are many cities in my state having restaurants offering the same kind of service to the public and it’s not accessible in my city. Therefore, we concluded that people of our city who want something delicious and healthy at home without visiting a restaurant in person will have breakfast, lunch, and dinner delivered at home.

How you would do this?

We’d target individuals who are working and can’t get out to have lunch or need more time to set up their own dinners, yet need to eat something solid and exceptionally nutritious – and have it conveyed to any place they are. So, setting up this business will help us to provide food that is low in carbohydrates, and includes protein. We’ve just set aside some cash to use as the underlying startup capital and we’ve researched the market to check whether there is any challenge – and there isn’t – right now, so we would be the primary movers, and in the event that we did it right, we could make it exceptionally fruitful.

Explain why you would choose this kind of business to start?

I’d prefer to begin this business since we’re both enthusiastic about wellbeing and good dieting, No doubt, everyone starts business to earn a good amount of money and we have decided to set up this business firstly we won’t be having any competition in the market and secondly, people will definitely prefer us to have healthy food delivered at home.

Describe A Small Business That You Would Like To Open

Follow-ups of Describe A Small Business That You Would Like To Open.

Q:- What challenges and difficulties do people face when they try to open a small business?

Ans:- One of the main challenges for small businesses is just staying open. I have seen most small businesses close within a year after they’re open in my hometown because of having less experience in running a business, so if they get past that hurdle the next most important thing that they’ll have to tackle is getting long-term customers. We have the same type of services providing different offers to attract us towards them, therefore many businesses lose their kind customers. Depending on what kind of business they’re starting they’ll also have to advertise their products and services. A good advertisement is really what makes the difference between the success and failure of their business.

Q:- Why do some people open their own business?

Ans:- To be very frank, these days nobody likes to work privately for a company therefore either they look for permanent jobs in government sectors or set up their own business. The mentality of people has changed these days. Individuals want to have an option to state, “this is mine.” They need to have the option to accomplish something all alone. They need to see something develop that they had an immediate part in. Individuals additionally need to profit, obviously, and this may even be the main reason.

Q:- What kinds of small businesses are most popular in your hometown?

Ans:- To be very frank, my hometown is not that much developed but people are running a couple of businesses at small scale for example (here you may include all the small businesses being run in your hometown) fast food outlets, beauty salons, hairdressers and haircutters, confectionery and garment shops. If you walk down any given street you will see one or two on each comer. People are much more interested in style and being in fashion, so that is why these businesses are so popular. People of my city always open those businesses after a lot of inspection that they won’t face any hindrance in running their work successfully.

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