Tourism is Flourishing Everywhere. Is it A Positive Or Negative

Tourism Is Flourishing Everywhere. Is It A Positive Or Negative Development?


Tourism, for various reasons, refers to the movement of commuters from one place to another, bringing certain advantages to one who travels and to the host nation as well, which in my perspective outweighs the drawbacks of such a development.


To begin with, the movement of people seeking new pastures ensures the amendment of the horizons of their knowledge, as interacting with Tourism Is Flourishing Everywhere. Is It A Positive Or Negative Development?different people and cultures not only makes people unbiased and broad-minded but assists also to improve communicative skills or to be bilingual. Moreover, tourism, nowadays, is considered best to bring in myriads of revenues from hotel industry, air flights or commercial sectors which aid economical level to be soar up, making a host nation capable to impart required facilities to all citizens for their better lifestyle or to improve the quality of surroundings to entice more visitors. Furthermore, it has been found that tourism has played an important role in the restoration of historical monuments and the revival of several cultural heritages. Cities and towns make an effort to maintain sites for tourists to visit, helping to preserve important parts of the past. At last, traveling reduces stress and strain.


However, the dominant disadvantage associated with tourism is an increase in piling up of garbage, for instance, some reckless visitors, without caring about the beauty of a place, throw waste around hence contribute to destroying the adoring charm of a place. In addition, the spread of communicable disease is another major risk. Physical contact with an infected person, such as through touch or using tissues can be highly dangerous to people particularly children and senior citizens.


To conclude, opportunities offered by traveling to get to know foreigners and other cultures alter the overall perspective of a person about the world although its threat in a few ways but a source of income for many.

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