Talk About a Long Bike, Motorbike, or Car Trip that You Would Like to Take

Talk about a long bike, motorbike, or car trip that you would like to take

  • When you went to go,
  • Where you want to go,
  • How long it will take you,
  • Why it is interesting

Sample Answer of Talk About a Long Bike, Motorbike, or Car Trip that You Would Like to Take

I have always been a passionate biker from my schooling days till now. I have been biking, and there have been lots of places close to Pune, which I have covered. Some of them are done solo, and others are done in a group. But yes, I have made lots of trips with my friends during my college time with my college friends, and as I was so into this bike business that almost five years back I have bought a sports bike, i.e., a Yamaha R15 bike of the latest version. So I bought that with the purpose that I will travel and cover lots of places with that sports bike only and I did that also. But since last two years, This pandemic has stopped many activities and devastated many dreams, and on the same line, it has ruined our plans also. But if I have to make a long trip, then I would say that I want to cover the whole of India as it has diverse plains, hilly roads, wet areas, and lots of other things to explore. So I want to live this experience where I had it into my mind before starting my biking. So, in my opinion, I want to cover every part of India in every direction so that there’s nothing which would be left and I could fulfill my dreams.

Follow-ups Talk About a Long Bike, Motorbike, or Car Trip that You Would Like to Take.

Question 1. Do people in your country often travel by bike?

Answer –  Yes there are so many people who prefer to take their bike rather than going by public transport or by car also, and in Pune specifically people prefer bikes only and it’s also India’s first state to have the maximum number of bikes people are having. So from those figures only that you can estimate how many people are availing two-wheeler facility for commuting and it’s easy also because in India specifically, the roads are not always as per the standard size sometimes they are too narrow to drive any heavy vehicle. So two-wheelers will give you the best opportunity to explore every route.

Question 2. Which is more convenient, a Bicycle or a car?

Answer – According to my car is the most convenient mode of transport I can say because obviously as compared to Bicycle which requires more effort to ride in case of a car it’s easy if you know the driving rules you just have to sit comfortably and drive your car. Apart from that on Bicycle, you can carry only one person that too if you have a carrier behind you back, but in the car, you can accommodate your whole family, friends. With a Bicycle, you cannot plan for a long trip, but with the car, you can travel across different states, the whole country. So yes, the car is the best in all seasons.

Question 3. Do you think that children should learn the skills of riding from an early age?

Answer –  I do feel children should learn to drive at a very early age. What would you give various advantages? First of all, when you start learning a bicycle you start handling your weight which is the first step to ride two-wheelers also when you learn to ride or drive any kind of transport like the minimum, in this case, is Bicycle, This will make you independent and then in future learning bike will not be a trouble because you already know how to balance your weight and also it gives flexibility when you learn Bicycle in early age.

Question 4. Do you think cycling is a good way to exercise?

Answer –  Cycling is one of the best ways to maintain a fit body and to keep yourself healthy because, as I mentioned earlier that cycling requires maximum effort to ride, so with that maximum effort, your whole body gets charged up, and you don’t have to do any other kind of exercise. Apart from this, there are different ways to get more benefits, like cycling on a higher terrain which requires maximum energy. This is just one example to show that cycling will provide you many benefits.

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