Talk About a Story Someone Told You and You Remember

Talk About a Story Someone Told You and You Remember

Talk about a story someone told you and you remember.

  • What was the story?
  • Who told you?
  • What did you learn from it?
  • Have you narrated it to someone, and why?

Well, my grandmother was a great narrator who used to tell me folktales and developed good habits in me, like reading any piece of work to enhance my imagination and creativity. Here I would like to narrate one folktale, which I used to listen to from my grandmother attentively. It was about wishing well, which fulfilled every wish of the people when they threw a coin in it and made the people prosperous.

It stimulated me to make more fictional tales. Although my grandmother is no more in this world, her stories really left an indelible impression on my psyche. By dint of her stories, I won many prizes as a storyteller.

I also told this story to my daughter, who showed her interest to know more about it. She started to ask many questions about it, which was a myth. I narrated to her because it is better to strengthen my relationship with my child, and she will rely less on electronic gadgets. It will help her in developing stories, and she will be more imaginative, and she can find the solution to any problem.

I am quite cheerful that now she eagerly waits for the night to fall to tell me the same story in a different manner. So this was the story, which I heard from my granny, and I still remember it.

Follow-ups Talk About a Story Someone Told You and You Remember

Question 1:- Do you think children nowadays like to listen to stories?

Answer. Well, now they don’t like to listen to it. It’s because they have a very hectic schedule. They make assignments, and in their free time, they play games online and relax. They consider it a wasteful activity to listen to tales from somebody.

Question 2:- Is it in your culture to spend time with elderly people?

Answer. To be honest, in the past, people used to spend more time, but now they consider them a burden, and instead of spending time with them, they prefer to chat with their loved ones and hang out with them to amuse them more. They get bored with elderly people and opine that they are outdated.

Question 3:- What are the ways to narrate stories to children?

Answer. Well, there are different ways to tell stories, like through dramas, with the help of flashcards and transparency are the best way to tell folktales. Children take more interest, and it will develop an aesthetic sense in them for untold stories.

Question 4:- Is it your habit to tell stories to others, and why?

Answer. Yes, I tell stories to others, particularly to my daughter. It’s a great way to build interactions and know more about others. People ask questions after the story gets over. So it also helps me in developing my imagination.

Question 5:- What kind of stories do usually children like to listen to?

Answer. Children like to listen to fairy tales, ghost stories. These stories entertain them more and kill their time. Sometimes they play the role of fictional characters and enhance their linguistic abilities.

Question 6:- Do you write stories?

Answer. Yes, I do. I mostly write to kill my time and enhance my knowledge. Moreover, in the foreseeable future, I am planning to take part in a storytelling competition, which is going to be held in my college.

Question 7:- Do you think schools must organize story developing competitions?

Answer. Yes, of course, it should be. Primarily it is good for the overall development of the children. Besides, the energy of the troublesome children can be channelized well. They can adapt their profession as a narrator in their life.

Question 8:- Do parents tell stories to their children?

Answer. Well, it is difficult to say because nowadays parents are busy and they get tired in the evening after work. So they find it hard to tell stories to their children and prepare them to use electronic media to read.

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