The Tendency of Human Beings to Copy One Another Is Shown in The Popularity of Areas (1)

The Tendency of Human Beings to Copy One Another Is Shown in The Popularity of Areas

The tendency of human beings to copy one another is shown in the popularity of areas such as fashion and consumer goods. To what extent do you agree?

In this modern era, it has been considered that a majority of individuals prefer to imitate other people in some domains such as fashion and consumer goods. This essay intends to elaborate on why I agree with the statement to some extent in upcoming paragraphs.

To commence with, there are numerous reasons why people like to copy others. Firstly, they want to make themselves more perfect as well as fashionable. In this present era, almost every person has their role model, and they like to wear the clothes which were worn by their role model. For example, in America, almost 80% of players prefer to buy Puma brand shoes because the famous player Cristiano Ronaldo always wear these branded shoes. As a result, by imitating their role models, they get satisfaction in their hearts.

Apart from that nowadays individual has become materialistic, they like to purchase those items which are already had their boss, neighbours and friends. To show and maintain their status in their friend circle and in society people buy an expensive car and other goods. For example, most Indian students want to purchase new iPhone models, which they show to their friends. That’s why people have the tendency to copy one another due to the reason that they envy what did they do not have.

On the flip side, there are only a few people who believe that people do not copy someone else’s. They just purchase that thing which is liked by them. For instance, these days majority of people like to buy items online from a particular website, whereas most people buy the same things at a high tendency.

To conclude, it can be analysed from the above discussion that a large number of people like to copy another fashion and goods while some purchase that things which they liked.

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