There Is Little Difference in The Shops Now Operating in Various Nations

There is little difference in the shops now operating in various nations. Some people think this is a positive development, while others believe it is a negative one. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

Nowadays, the shops across the world have a slight difference. A few people argue that it is a welcome trend whereas on the contrary others think that it is an adversely negative development. I believe that latter statement is true, having a difference in the functional aspects of the store will largely affect the customers, apart from that having a unique similarity in the shops around the world will enhance the production and turnover.

On the one hand, generally speaking, a wide range of people opine that the slight difference in the shops will enhance the positive development. These people generally think that the difference will reflect the particular nation. The country selling the goodies differently will stand out across the world. That difference will eventually increase the turnover if the difference in terms of variety of products or the mode payment will bring uniqueness. I couldn’t support this notion because selling and nurturing my locally available unheard products and variant payments method will reduce the number of customers. For instance, more customers can be found in the popular hypermarket rather than in the local shops.

On the other hand, despite these arguments, some people say that the difference will cause negative development. From their point of view, introducing unheard locally available products into the market will largely reduce the production, and it’s not a positive development. Additionally, the readily available products found locally will not have the significant approved quality, and it might cause some detrimental effects to the health. It seems that the difference in the quality and quantity of product will awfully impact the prestige of the shops and further lead to a reduction in the income. Apart from that, having a similar trend in the selling and buying practice worldwide will consequently improve the customer experience. Moreover, it is a foreign-friendly practice. For instance, due to globalisation, the number of tourists emigration has-been improved so having a similar unique shop will reduce the customer decision making.

In conclusion, there are conflicting views on whether it’s a welcome or unwelcome development. I deem that the differences across the shops are negative because the similarities between the shops can only satisfy customer needs and enhance the sales, production and turnover.

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