Describe a Quiet Place You Like to Spend Your Time In

Describe a quiet place you like to spend your time in; You should say

  • Where is it?
  • How did you know it?
  • How often you go there?
  • What do you do there?
  • And explain why you like the place?

Sample Answer of Describe a Quiet Place You Like to Spend Your Time In

Well, I’ve wisdom about a host of silent places in my town although, today I would like to talk about a place where I go often, and it’s quite a place. Its library. I live in metropolitan area in my country hence, its hard to find a place where noise level is too low. A library is just a stone throw away from my home. Additionally, nearly two and half years ago, I first time got wisdom about this library.

At that time, I was a sophomore student, and I was reading broad seat in the early morning, which is my daily routine. That time one article catch my eyes attention, it was municipality of my city was planning to build new public library. After few months, they developed and was ready to use.

We all know that in an urban area, many libraries, but the majority are private. Thus, a person has to pay or buy a membership. In the library, I do my work, such as reading, writing, completing my assignment, and other stuff.

I go there often; however, in this corona pandemic or epidemic, the library authority imposed close doors. As a result, I don’t go there since.
I love to spend time there; I can concentrate more there and do my task more efficiently and previously. Going to nice places also annoying me, and hard to concentrate there, especially when I need to focus. I tended to spent time there and would love to continue in future.

Follow-ups Describe a Quiet Place You Like to Spend Your Time In

Question 1 Is it hard to find quiet places in cities?

Answer – Without any doubt, yes, in urban areas, pollution and noise level are high, so it isn’t easy as pie to find a quiet place. Even some people consider noisy or stereo box to city.

Question 2 Why is it quieter in the countryside?

Answer – Well, in the developing or village side, the number of industries is deficient, someplace it’s zero. Another reason is that people population is not much as seen in cities additionally, people also live quiet distance. As a result, such kind of place considers as a silent place.

Question 3 Why do people go to quiet places?

Answer – I believe that people preferring quiet places for different purposes. Some people don’t like a noisy place or do not like to stand there. Some people also like the quiet place because they need to focus on work and concentrate on work.

Question 4 Compared with young people, do older people prefer to live in quiet places?

Answer – In my opinion, age has no connection with quiet place preference. Some Youngsters like to be in a silent zone whereas some golden-ager also like older people more like to live in a quiet place than youngsters.

Question 5 Why do some people not like quiet places?

Answer – Several people who dislike a quiet place is low. Although, I think those who like sound or music and love enjoyment are disliked silent places. Maybe they feel bored, too tired to death in this kind of place.

Question 6 Do you need a quiet place when you are working?

Answer – Definitely yes; as I said earlier, Whenever I need to focus on my task without blinking my eyes, I need a low noise level, such as reading during exam time.

Question 7 Do you know anyone who likes noise?

Answer: I know many people who like noise but mellifluous rather than crowded or scary sound.

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