Without Capital Punishment (the Death Penalty) Our Lives Are Less Secure (2) (1)

Without Capital Punishment (the Death Penalty) Our Lives Are Less Secure

Without capital punishment (the death penalty), our lives are less secure, and crimes of violence increase. Capital punishment is essential to control violence in society. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this opinion?

It is always debate about punishment. Several individuals believe that for reducing the crime rate death penalty require. Additionally, it also aids to control rampant. I partially agree with the given notion; my inclination will be justified in the following paragraphs, along with a logical conclusion.

In this tech-savvy era, most people use the internet and technological equipment such as computers and smartphones. It is seen that when a person sees a crime genre movie or TV program, that influence them and the person committing a felony. Moreover, if there is no strict punishment in-country, people are not afraid to break the code. In other words, owing to social frame and capital, some people drop a plan about violence, the death penalty also makes antisocial people afraid.

There are several ways to reduce delinquency numbers. Firstly, rules and regulations or laws are for citizens; it makes their lives facile and smooth. Rather than giving death punishment, the authority ought to give one chance to anti-social people by sending refreshments instead of a dungeon, because after rid of jail, getting work and living in the world is hard for them. Secondly, spreading awareness and improving education level also succour. Furthermore, educated people get jobs easily as well as have enough wisdom about the consequences of commenting delinquency.

In conclusion, although several crime rates have been rising, and for some people, capital punishment is the only option to reduce it. In my opinion, there are also other ways which would be more impactful.

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