Talk about Something Interesting Your Friend Has Done but You Haven’t

Talk about something interesting your friend has done, but you haven’t.

  • What is it?
  • When did your friend do it?
  • And explain why you want to do it?

Sample Answer of Talk about Something Interesting Your Friend Has Done, but You Haven’t

Well, it’s a technological Era, and all community members know about it and use it more. Meanwhile, it has become a vital part of every domain of life. People can’t imagine their daily life without the internet and social media. Similarly, here I would like to talk about an interesting thing which my best friend did but I don’t. That is a Facebook login. It’s about 2016 when Facebook was not too popular in India, but one of my best friends, Tanvir, had it. And he told me about such an app which he learned from his cousin who is residing in Canada. He told me about the features of becoming a Member of Facebook. The first one was that we can share our photos, videos or ever any special moments.

Moreover, we can start our business by advertising in kline mode using this Facebook application only just by one click to download. He also told me we could explore many other fields such as fashion, cooking, marketing, economics domain or scientific research. By scrolling up and down, we can spend our leisure time and optimize our free time by scrolling something in which we are interested.

Consequently, it’s way to optimize the leisure time and one more worth mention point is that we can connect with our near and dear ones who are residing far away from us as well as we can talk with any celebrity and easily follow to their footprints by following to their ID over the Facebook. Despite these benefits, I haven’t done this. Because I belong to a low-income family and can’t afford a smartphone to make that Facebook login, I haven’t too much time to spend on such activities because I am mostly busy with my study and homework. But, now I think that I’ll also get the phone when I pass my college study. Thus, this is a thing that was so fascinating due to its attractive features, and I could do this.

Follow-ups Talk about Something Interesting Your Friend Has Done, but You Haven’t

Question 1. why some things are most interesting for a person?

Answer: Well, from my perspective, some things are more fascinating because of their good striking features that might satisfy users according to their needs. Such as, Instagram and YouTube applications are exciting to people because they can interact with their family and relatives. Or they can follow to any channel whichever they like.

Question 2. Do your friends help you to fulfil your desires?

Answer – Yes, of course, my friends are so helpful in the study and other activities. For example, recently, one of my friends helped me tackle the issue about telegram joining because due to the Corona pandemic out teachers made a telegram account by considering the privacy policy of students and length of study material. Still, I was suffering in that case, and my friend offered me to join the class with him at his home.

Question 3. Is it necessary to do certain things at the right time?

Answer – Yes, time is a significant factor in doing anything because it greatly influences other things. From my perspective, time considering is very necessary for meeting deadlines of work, and it is the same in the study and business field. For instance, completing exams on time is a must, and it’s motivating to children to manage time to fulfil their commitments.

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