As Well as Making Money, Businesses Also Have a Responsibility Towards Society.

As well as making money, businesses also have a responsibility towards society. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

It is true that money plays a part and parcel role in everyone’s life. It is also a responsibility of the public to make a Proper business of the society. I tend to deem that this concept is extremely beneficial for them.

To commence with, multifarious reasons are associated with this notion. Predominantly, due to competition, the company launched the new product in the market and sold the better product in less amount. Therefore it is also building the business of the competitor. Consequently, they can earn a large amount of profit. Another reason behind this is if the company earn more profit, it is the responsibility of the society to pay the authority tax and invest the tax on education and health development problems. Thus, it is very thing for future development of people.

On the other hand side, it has a wide range of reasons, making the company need to social responsibility. Due to the pollution problems, the rising the number of factors company need to control the wastage of the problems of the products. For instance, they can try to recycle the products and use more the better purposes after recycling. Thus, it is the best way to reduce pollution. Adding more, the society corporation creates the better development of the people progress they can enhance the brand selling and make the company image better.

To Recapitulate, It can be said that if the company need more profit In my perspective, they should also the social responsibility.

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