Talk about a Fish Market In Your Area

Talk about a Fish Market In Your Area or Talk about a fish market you visited or Describe a Fish Market you visited

  • When was it?
  • Where were you?
  • What do you buy?
  • How do you feel about it?

Well, many times, it happens to me that I make a visit to a local market to purchase any kind of product. Similarly, on one occasion, when one of my friends has been to Canada, and he asked me to make fish for dinner. Being a Lacto-vegetarian, initially, I felt it disgusting; but, I have no aversion to it. The reason is that my mother usually makes it every week, and I assist my mother in chopping onions and other ingredients that were necessary to make it.

So I thought of purchasing it from the local market and went there. It was famous for a variety of fishes, even for imported fishes as well. I saw a number of fishes such as Singara, Rawas as well as tuna. One of the shopkeepers also told me to buy Salmon, which is not a native of India, but they could provide it to me by taking a hefty amount.

However, it was very expensive, so I stayed on Rawas fish which is known as Indian Salmon. I bought it because my mother used to make it to take amino acids, which is possible only by dieting because one’s body can’t create it. So I knew that I could make it delicious for my friend as my mother was standing beside me. Therefore, I did the chopping and grinding to help my mother in preparing it. It looked mouth-watering, and my mother garnished it with coriander as well as other green leaves. When my mother tasted it, it was really mind-blowing.

I was happy that my mother liked it and similarly my friend would like it too. Although it was an expensive affair for me to buy and make, I was happy that I could make it with the help of my mother for my friend, who had been visiting my home for a long time. I was over the moon when my friend tested it, and he really appreciated my efforts. Since then, I thought that I would run a fish farming business in future, so I am striving hard to collect some money to start it. That was the time when I visited a market to purchase fish for my friend.

Follow-ups Talk about a Fish Market In Your Area

Question 1:-What kind of markets are there in your country?

Well, there are different kinds of markets such as food and beverages, retail and so on. People can do purchasing by going in person as well as through non-physical markets such as surfing on internet and buying their desired merchandise.

Question 2:- What is the difference between shopping with Friends and shopping alone?

To be honest, when we do shopping with friends then we have more fun and laughter. Friends can give good suggestions regarding clothes and footwear that are in vogue, and it is because they are more modern. While shopping with family can be a boring activity because sometimes when youngsters do shopping with their family then they spend more amount of money and they feel shy in doing bargaining and do purchase immediately without making negotiations. 

Question 3:- Do you think small markets will disappear in the future?

No, I don’t think that small markets will vanish in the future. It’s because the middle class prefer to do purchasing from the small markets, and they don’t want to spend a hefty amount in malls or as well as shopping from expensive shopping apps. Moreover, small markets have established their reputation and people have more trust in their products whether these might not be for a long duration, but due to fewer prices, they prefer to do shopping from them.

Question 4:- Have people’s shopping habits changed in recent years?

Yes, of course, people’s choices of doing shopping have got changed. Earlier, people used to believe in a penny earned is a penny saved; but, now people have become extravagant. They don’t believe in saving money. Instead, they sometimes spend more money out of their pocket. They do it because advertisements allure them to buy more.

Question 5:- What are the differences between shopping and street markets and big shopping malls?

There is a big difference when people do shopping from the street markets and in malls. If people do shopping from street markets, then they get plenty of products within their budget. While doing shopping in a mall cost them an arm and a leg because they have to spend a lot of money. The products are branded and more durable. Only rich people can afford to do shopping in shopping malls. Whereas the people who work only to make both ends meet find it hard to spend large money on expensive items. So they consider it an ideal option for them to do shopping from the street market.

Question 6:- Is shopping a leisure activity? 

Yes, shopping is a leisure activity, and people have more fun when they do shopping either with their family or with their friends. Although people do shopping to purchase domestic things as well as they do purchase for clothes and footwear, above all, it is a chance for them to go outside and take a break from their routine work and also getting update themselves with the current fashion. 

Question 7:- Do people eat more vegetarian food or non Vegetarian?

Well, it depends on People’s choice but as I know that people are turning into Vegetarian. It is because they are more health-conscious. They have love and sympathy for the poor creatures. They have understood that every creature has a right to live on this planet. So they prefer to take supplements instead of eating meat. Being a fruitarian is more helpful for their good health well as for the environment. 

Question 8:- What skills are needed to run any business?

To be honest, skills such as leadership, communication skills as well as long vision are the utmost requirement for running a business. The chances of getting success are more if a person is equipped with the above-mentioned qualities. Lack of these qualities, businesses can’t progress by leaps and bounds.

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