Describe a Large Company that You Are Interested In

Describe a large company that you are interested in.

  • Which company is it?
  • What it is like (what kind of business it does)?
  • How do you know about it? How do you feel about it?
  • Why do you have an interest in this company?

Sample Answer of Describe a Large Company that You Are Interested In

A large company that I am interested in is Tesla. Tesla is a very well-known electric car manufacturing company. It was founded by Elon musk in the USA. Tesla is the biggest company in the EV sector. Tesla is also in the headline from the past few months as its stock price was skyrocketed in January 2021 from $500USD to $900USD. And because of the raise in stock price, Elon musk has become the worlds richest man. Tesla has started selling their cars in exchange for bitcoins. Tesla has also started their productions and selling in India recently. I got to know about this company through social media and newspapers since it has had massive growth in the past few months. I am pretty interested in the company because it has the manufacturing of eclectic vehicles, mainly cars. Also, this company has a good investment opportunity for stocks.

 Follow-Ups of Describe a Large Company that You Are Interested In

Question 1:- What are the differences between a big company and a small company?

Answer:- According to my Main difference between a big company and a small company are popularity and trust. People usually know what big companies are doing, and they also have trust in it as big companies because big companies show customers that what they are doing for their customers by advertising.

Question 2:- Are there any big companies in your country?

Answer:- There are lots of big companies in my country, mainly of them are multinational. I know Tim Horton’s, which is a Canadian company in the food sector.

Question 3:- What are the good things about working for a big company?

Answer:- When you work for a big company salary will be fixed and more in compared to a small company. Also, they give discounts and gifts to staff as well as they provide insurance for their workers. Moreover, they give lots of working benefits to their staff like vacation pay, health insurance, regular off days, extra pay according to holiday pay rates and more.

Question 4:- How can a small company grow big?

Answer:- A small company can grow big by satisfying customers. If customers like their products and service, they will return, and like this, they can get more profit and as much profit they can get, they can open more locations or do innovation in their company to grove it big.

Question 5:- Should big companies donate more to charities?

Answer:- Yes, big companies should donate more to charities. Because they have their turnover in a million, it's because of the customers, so in a return favour, they should donate to a charity.

Question 6:- Are there any big companies in your hometown?

Answer:- There is a big company in my hometown, like tata, reliance and more.

Question 7:- Is it difficult to get a promotion in a large company?

Answer:- Large companies usually have a lot of opportunities for their staff. If you work hard and make money for the company, you will easily get a promotion. It depends on the history of your work, according to me.

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