Competition for University Study Is Becoming Increasingly Strong

Competition for university study is becoming increasingly strong. Why are universities becoming more competitive? Is this a positive or negative development?

In this modern world, education plays a great role in the life of every human being and people at any cost try to achieve that which leads to rush at all the educational institutions.

In earlier times education was not mandatory and needed for human beings to survive but as the time passed by education became the main need for survival of every human being as all the activity done by human need and educated human being so, it forced the people to pursue educational qualification, which in turn lead to high competition at University. For instance, people try to pursue a high qualification degree after High School to get a good job. Many big multinational companies visit a well-reputed University annually and hire graduates and postgraduates to work in their company and pay a handsome amount of salary. This salary and job attract many students to pursue higher education at University. This leads to great competition at University. Secondly, there are many students who are poor and need these high paying jobs at University. Despite being poor they try to arrange tuition fees by any fairly means and try to get into the University. Unfortunately, the number of students in this situation are very high and there is a very limited number of seats at the University. So tough eligibility criteria or benchmarks are set for the students to get admission to the university. This low seat count and high requirement have led to huge competition at University.

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Now as far as development is concerned, I believe it to be a negative development. For instance, the number of students who got into the University gets lucky to have a good life ahead with their hard work and effort, while the students who are left Behind outside of the university lose their hope for a better life as they lack educational qualification for a good job and they remain unemployed. On the other hand, nowadays education has become a business rather than serving students with knowledge. The cost of education has become so high that for few people it Caused them to starve for several days to gather the tuition fee. In spite of that, those who get into University are not guaranteed a good job after completion of their education. This unsatisfactory result creates a negative impression of education and the education system, which leads to the suicide of many small families to the debt.

To conclude, a fair competition at University is acceptable which supports a large number of students and their families in society rather than concentrating a small number because youth is the power of a nation and they are its future. If youth are left unemployed then there can be any development in the nation with a handful of youth.

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