Many People Today Do Not Feel Safe Either at Home or When They Are Out

Many people today do not feel safe either at home or when they are out. What are the causes? What are the solutions?

In today’s era, the chart of crime rate is soaring every minute. Amid many folks do not feel safe inside or outside of the home. This essay is intended to reveal the causes behind why people don’t feel safe and the measures that have been taken to curb this regurgitating problem.

First and foremost, not feeling safe is a crime, which happens at home and outside of it. It is just those crimes divided according to the situation. Like if a person is outside, there are chances to get robbed. However, this happens same in the home as well. Crime has been the primary reason. To illustrate more, America is on the number in happening of unethical cases and due to which people are afraid to be here and there. Apart from this disaster is also reason from which people afraid to be outside and in-home. For instance, on the road, its chances of getting in range of thunder and in-home due to earthquake. For example, Japan. These are the reasons noted for happening such situations.

Furthermore, there are steps to bound these problems. To reduce the crime rate, 24/7 police are on duty from which people don’t get robbed outside of the home, and even people have installed CCTV cameras in the home and have constructed emergency alarms from which people are no more afraid of being home. This has been introduced in America due to the high rate of crime. After this, 40% of crime had reduced. On the other hand, for natural disasters, its had curbed by alarming by predicting the disasters. Here big role is of forecasters. From which people get aware and don’t feel insecure.

In the way of conclusion, this essay has discussed the reasons for the insecurity of people being at home and outside. With that, solutions have also been mentioned to reduce the regurgitation in people.

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