Many Young People Change Their Jobs and Careers

Many young people change their jobs and careers. What is the reason for this? Do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages?

Past few decades, humankind pit more weight on education and health regards. Nowadays it is seen that young generation frequently change their career, goal and jobs. In this essay, I will mitigate the reason behind it and discuss which types of development are in the following paragraphs, along with a logical conclusion.

 In this contemporary era, youth easily allure by others and try to be same or copying. They choose career base on where their peers go instead of own interest. After few time when he or she find tribulation to stand there then change pathway. Additionally, changing occupation is primarily because of salary. We all know that money is the key to livelihood on the earth. Young people attract by it and change the company hence, and they can get a healthy salary. Advertisement and belief in others suggestions are especially gullible.

I partially believe that this is negative advancement. Changing job place and career effect on a person life. After changing the adapter new place environment as well as gel with other co-workers is also hard. Furthermore, if youngsters change career opinion occasionally, then it is deleterious for future. However, in a host of job realms, this has proven positive such as the IT field. Youth get to experience that plays a key role in their lives, but both are only applied in vocational life.

In conclusion, It’s true that change goals and career types of decision common among youth. Owing to the high expectation, they do it. I believe that for my career and own life, this development is negative.

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