Some People Think that In the Modern World We Are More Dependent on Each Other

Some people think that in the modern world we are more dependent on each other, while others think that people have become more independent.͒ Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

Gone are the days when people used to work physically and were less dependent on machinery. Nowadays, they are more reliant on each other and become monotonous due to technological inventions proving second to none. Some visuals of people are much more dependent on each other in today’s community; In sharp contrast, some people tend to believe that individuals are more self-aware and become individualistic in the contemporary era, hence should be self-supporting. I would like to delve into both arguments before forming an opinion.

Going with the first school of thought, whole the world turned into a small cube due to technological advancement so that individuals become indolent in errands, which leads them to lose their importance in the community. To be clear, life has become inherently difficult with the cost of living. Young individuals depend on their parents or partners to fulfil basic needs like food, shelter and education. For instance, in a survey conducted by Hindustan Times in India, the majority of the young generation are dependent on their parents because they don’t want to work in early-stage. As a result, their family is unable to manage expenditures in their day to day life. In addition, due to unemployment, the dependence rate gradually hiked in the Past because people were unwilling to work hard and more dependent on machinery. Add it, that humans have more ambition, hence to compete better they sometimes tend to depend on their parents to look after their kid’s pets and house.

However, the other school of thought deems that people also become self-supporting in several senses even if they are more carrier oriented and have thought of champions which they do not want to get dependent on their families. In other words, people now utilise global connectivity to its optimal extent as they move to another country for their education and like to travel alone, which leads people to become independent and manage their expenses themself. For example, in India, the trend of immigrants gradually surged because youngsters want to free liberty and dedicate themselves to the future. In minor age, they want to move freely anywhere with their expenditures. Furthermore, women have become more financially independent and supporting their families to manage additional expenses.

In collaboration, I would like to believe that there are numerous factors which people change their minds. indeed, humans are more still dependent on each other for basic needs even if it’s considered a part of life, and without sporting of their family is, people unable to grow up much faster as they want.

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