Talk About a Toy You Liked in Your Childhood

Talk about a toy you liked in your childhood; You should say

  • What was it?
  • Who gave it to you?
  • What does it look like?
  • Explain why it was a special toy for you?

Sample Answer of Talk About a Toy You Liked in Your Childhood

Well, to be honest, toys play an important role in children’s life. Also, in my life, toys play a crucial role because I play with my toys. Sometimes I play with my peers, or sometimes I play along with my toys. Moreover, toys are gifted to me by my kith and kins. However here, I would like to talk about a toy which was my favourite and which was given to me by my grandparents. A couple of years ago, When it was my birthday, and my grandparents knew about my choice, and at that time, they gave me a Barbie doll with a full kitchen set. The Barbie doll has golden hair and Blue Eyes. Moreover, her look is gorgeous, and I mention that my mother is a tailor and she always made a dress for me as well as for my toy. Whenever I get free from my School homework, and I go to my room, and I always dress for her. Apart from it, I spent a lot of time with her, and I named her lovely because my best friend name was lovely in my primary school and that was a toy with her. I spent a lot of time, and I never forgot my toy as I felt over the moon when I played with it.

Follow Ups of Talk About a Toy You Liked in Your Childhood

Question 1. What is the difference between girls’ and boys’ toys?

Ans. Well, according to me there are some differences between the girls and boys toys, and sometimes girls like a light colour in toys and they like mostly dolls as well as a teddy bear. However, boys like bright colours and sometimes they like a gun as well as the games which are played online, or sometimes they like a video game. Moreover, they also like wooden toys.

Question 2. Do you believe toys really assist in children’s growth?

Ans. Yes, definitely toys play a crucial role in children’s life because when they play their toys are sometimes, they learn from their parents as well as from their pears moreover they share their toys the with their peers and they also learn sharing is caring and moreover they learn many things from the toys.

Question 3. Does modern technology have an impact on children’s toys?

Ans. Yes, of course, Modern Technology has a great impact on children’s toys. Due to new inventions, toys are disappearing because children like to play online video games. Moreover, they spent a lot of time on the computer. So sometimes they don’t like to play with toys, and they like the most to play online games on computers or on mobile phones.

Question 4. Have we lost our hands skills such as sewing?

Ans. Yeah, definitely Sewing Machines will be lost in the future as well as a nowadays. There are a few people who stitch their clothes through the sewing machine. Sometimes people like to buy their clothes from the shops, and in the shops, there are ready-made suits because of technology. So now due to technology Sewing Machines are lost.

Question 5. What toys are popular with children in India now?

Ans. Well, according to my prospect there are a few kinds of toys which are more popular in India like in girls there are doll’s popular. However, boys like to play with wooden toys for some time. They like to play with the teddy bear. Furthermore, girls play with the kitchen set.

Question 6. In general, do kids today have many toys?

Ans. Well, honestly in technology has been increasing at an alarming rate. So in this cutting-edge error, toys have been disappearing because of Technology children like to play video games and online games on their mobile phones as well as on the computer. So nowadays toys are disappearing.

Question 7. Do you believe playing with electronic toys has a good influence on children?

Ans. Well, I believe that to playing with electronic toys. It is beneficial as well as it is a negative impact on the children’s health. Suppose children spend more time on toys to playing games as well as the to work on computers. I think it’s a negative impact on their health as they suffer from obesity, or they also suffer from weak eyesight. However, if they play with toys, which are made by hand, I think they are not suffering from that type of disease.

8. Do you think parents should encourage their children to share their toys with other children?

Ans. Yes, of course, according to me parents can teach as well as they can encourage to their children to share toys the with their peers. If they start sharing, I think it is a good habit, and in the future, they also help others and if parents encourage their children, then children definitely do it. So it is a good habit.

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