Talk about the happiest day in your life

Talk about the happiest day in your life

  1. What was the event
  2. What you did
  3. Where and when it happened With whom you enjoyed
  4. Explain why it was important/ Why you felt happy
SAMPLE ANSWER OF(Talk about the happiest day in your life)
I am thankful to the Almighty because of the many happy events, which I am blessed with, in my life from the day I started to understand the world around me. But, such happy events become even more meaningful when we are able to share them with other people so that they are also elated. So, thank you for allowing me the opportunity to share one such happy event with you here.
The event took place about a few years ago in my hometown when I was really busy looking for a new job, after quitting my previous job, and I just didn’t have enough time or interest in helping anybody else except myself. But, that was not to happen because, incidentally, I also happened to be a “founding member” of a local “charity” club in my hometown which used to help the local residents in time of their needs, especially, if they were seriously ill. So, when some of the members from my charity club came to me with news that one of the residents in our neighborhood was suffering from “blood cancer” and that he needed a huge amount of money (which the patient didn’t have because of his rather poor financial situation) to get proper treatment, me and my charity club members were left with no choice but to act swiftly to collect enough funds for him. But, collecting such a huge sum of money within such a short period of time, as we literally had to knock on every door in my hometown for help, was not an easy task at all.  Anyway, we finally succeeded, but the happiest moment came when the doctor had informed me that the patient would carry on to live some more years.
It was indeed a very happy moment of my life because I could help a terminally-ill person save his life and be together with his family again, especially at a time when he lost all his hopes. Besides, the event also made me realize that we can solve the “mountain” of problems if we work together.



This is the end of speaking( Talk about the happiest day in your life)

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