The Manufacturing and Use of Cars Damage the Environment but Their Popularity Is Increasing

The manufacturing and use of cars damage the environment but their popularity is increasing. Why is this? How could this be controlled?

It is irrefutable that pollution is contaminating nature at an alarming rate without any qualms. The masses are the predominant cause for the polluting the atmosphere either by the usage of cars or industries or many more. Whilst, the cars usage is growing rapidly, and most of the inhabitants are using the contaminated products. In this essay, I intend to delve into this issue, why this is happening, and how can we curb this grave concern, along with illustrations.

Firstly, the industries pollute more amount of pollution and damage our environment. To demonstrate, the more dwellers are purchasing more number of cars without bothering about the nature and the future generations. To cite a pertinent illustration, the Indian capital Delhi is suffering more due to pollution. Owing to this, numerous diseases like flu, lung diseases many more are spreading over the nation. Moreover, if the family has four members, they are purchasing cars and bikes more than their needs. To reiterate, pollution can harm our bodies as well as the environment and can affect future generations.

On the other hand, these can be controlled by taking some measures and precautions. For instance, the government has to increase the fuel rate and also the public transportation. Although, if public transportation is as cheap as chips, then the inhabitants can commute to work easily without their private vehicles. In spite of using ten private vehicles one public transport is useful and can reduce pollution. Besides, industrial wastage has to decompose to diminish the air pollution rather than spreading more diseases.

To conclude, it is ostensible that pollution can affect not only nature but also the populace. Even though fuel rates and cars rate reaches their peak, the usage of cars is not diminishing. I believe that the policymakers have to take a step forward and can curtail this contamination that pervades.

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