Describe a City You Think Is Very Interesting.

Describe a city you think is very interesting.

  • Where is it?
  • What is it famous for?
  • How do you know this city?
  • And explain why you think it is very interesting?

Sample Answer of Describe a City You Think Is Very Interesting

In my opinion, the most amazing city is Mumbai, which is situated in Maharashtra, India. This city is famous as it is full of glamour, there are many celebrities, Bollywood actor actress musician singers politicians there are many famous people who live there, in everyday life, there are many things going on. This is the most famous place in my country. That’s the reason that k know it very well. There are many places to visit over there as well. There are so many beautiful restaurants, hotels to see even. All this together makes that city beautiful as well interesting.

Follow-ups of Describe a City You Think Is Very Interesting.

Question 1:- Why do some people like to visit historic places?

Answer- There are many people who feel that we are from history. If we don’t know of our past, we don’t have any idea about life. And also there are few people who prefer to look at the work done by the workers. As there is much artwork done in that kind of place.

Question 2:- Why do people go to a modern city?

Answer- The biggest reason is the opportunity in the job. If you go to a big city, you will Have a better opportunity for your Carrier as well as one can get a better education. And also there many eminently available.

Question 3:- What are the problems caused by maintaining a historical city?

Answer- The foremost reason is the cost of maintaining that place or building. This is one of the costly things to maintain. There are many expenses to cover to maintain it. It needs a huge amount. And if there are no tourists, it is possible that it becomes hard to maintain.

Question 4:- Do you think having too many tourists is a positive thing for historical attractions?

Answer- Yes, of course, as this is the main source of income. Most of the money which are needed to maintain that can be a cover-up by the visit of tourist people. And it also helps to increase the overall tourism pf country.

Question 5:- What can we do to stop visitors from damaging historical places?

Answer- There must be fine this kind of activity like splitting, or something like that. If the fine is placed, one will think before damaging it as no one is ready to pay money without any reason. It also encourages tourists to stop something happening like this.

Question 6:- Do you think too many tourists is a positive thing for historical attractions?

Answer- Yes.

Question 7:- Why do some young people like to live in cities?

Answer- I said earlier in cities, there are batter opportunities for job and education. There is a good facility for transportation. There are many places for entertainment as well. All these things attract youngsters To stay in a city.

Question 8:- Do most elderly people live in the city or in the countryside?

Answer- Well, elderly persons like to spend their time in a place which is full of peace they prefer less noise. They enjoy the company of their friends their talk. All this can be done nicely in the countryside only. So they like to stay der.

Question 9:- Do you think well-developed tourism will have negative effects on local people?

Answer- No not exactly as the more and more famous place the more and more money will be available which are used for the development of a city. Which is overall helpful for the local people. And also if the tourist visits the place, they will surely prefer to buy a survivor for there family members which can increase the business of local people.

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